The Launch of the Holdich Family History Society

In 1988 Jim Holdich who was just starting his family research decided to look in the phone books for England and see just how many Holdiches there were. Jim then got in touch with as many of the Holdiches as possible.

As a result of these contacts Violet Charlton invited everybody to meet in her home town of Werrington on Saturday 2 September, 1989. 21 adults and 3 children met at the Leisure Centre and we enjoyed looking at each other’s papers, documents and photographs.

The first Holdich meeting

The first Holdich meeting

Brenda Gardiner and her Uncle Charles had drawn up a family tree and Violet had arranged for the church to be open, so we could see the memorials to the Reverend Charles Walter Holdich. The Verger also bought photographs and newspaper cuttings to the Centre.

During the following year we collected more information and Jim thought it would be a good idea to have a re-union at the place where our known history began – Wadenhoe. This time 57 adults and 5 children attended. We visited St Michael and All Angels Church and many photographs were taken. Joyce recognised a picture of my grandfather, though she didn’t know who he was. It turns out that her grandfather was my great grandfather’s brother! Over tea, Mr. Ward-Hunt gave a talk about the village and the Holdich Charity and it was decided we would meet there again in 1991.

That year invitations were sent to some of us who spell the name with a “T”, and on the day 68 adults and 10 children attended.  We also had the local press taking photographs of us outside the church. Over tea, the popular decision was to meet at Wadenhoe again and it was also agreed to form the Holdich Family History Society.

This brings us up to date with many of us enjoying an annual Family Day in this pretty village. Lots of new photographs and memorabilia on show and hopefully more new family members to meet. There doesn’t seem to be much point in asking about future meetings and venues, as the answer from almost everyone is “Yes” and “Wadenhoe”, so we hope the Family Day in September is now a permanent fixture in all our diaries.

Michael & Marie Higginbottom

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